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About Surveillance Creative Services

Our services

We provide graphic design, web design and advertising creative for growing businesses or large organisations on a budget.

Small or start-up businesses

A brand is built skillfully not accidentally—get it done correctly, from the start.

We use our large-client experience to help small businesses more effectively. We can design your brand, establish its marketing communications and online presence and with a view to its future growth.

Medium-sized businesses

Sometimes a business outgrows its suppliers. Our services grow with you.

We approach work with a greater strategic and commercial understanding than small operators thanks to our time working for big ad agencies. Creatively, we have worked with many big clients in a range of media including online, TV and radio.

As proof, Surveillance is producing work for organisations like Qantas. If you're growing in size and need greater quality or output, we can help.

Large organisations

Many projects, like corporate communications and publications, do not have the flush budgets of above-the-line consumer promotions.

We have a noteworthy cost advantage over your incumbent ad agency, without compromising creative experience or executional standards. Consider savings of 20% to 30% for your next project.

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The Case

The ultimate case study

Surveillance's portfolio case contains our best work. Read why you must meet "Princess".

Gold and Silver Awards won

Two design awards at Creativity Annual Awards

Qantas Horizons and A Bottle Of win Gold and Silver Awards—More

Australian Government business

Organisational quality

Independently assessed and approved by the Australian Government—More

New website launched

New content

We add new website content all the time. Join our mailing list to stay in the loop—More

Surveillance portfolio

PDF snapshot

Going offline? Download a PDF file containing selected works and company information.