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Packaging Design

A Bottle Of water labels

A modern and unexpected design helps this water stand out in a cluttered category.

A Bottle Of

Client A Bottle Of
Client description A bottled water that promotes positivity (by way of the recitation and repetition of specially worded affirmations).
Format(s) Labels for A Bottle Of Love, A Bottle Of Strength and A Bottle Of Wellbeing
Audience Women (pre-teen to adult)
Our tasks Concepts, design and production of labels, stationery, banners, promotional cards and website.

Project summary


"A Bottle Of" wanted to launch a new bottled water product within the cluttered water category.

The product’s claim was intriguing. By reciting affirmations while drinking the product, positivity would then manifest within the drinker’s life.

This was a "high concept" client brief—the kind of creative challenge we love.


During the development of the concept, Surveillance explored positive thought research, mantra repetition, meditation, energy vibrations and objects with spiritual or metaphysical significance.

To solve the brief, we approached the design in three ways:

Functionality—text explained the positivity concept and provided instruction on how the drinker should begin.

Symbolism—metaphorical icons and complimenting colours were developed for each of the themed bottles (a heart to symbolise ‘love’, yin-and-yang to support ‘wellbeing’ and a fixed triangle to represent ‘strength’).

Engagement—the layout of affirmations and symbols encouraged interaction. The drinker would rotate the bottle, in hand, while reciting the affirmations, similar to the act of turning a prayer wheel.


The final design was modern and avoided the visual clichés found regularly in so-called "alternative" or "herbal" lifestyle products.

On the shelf, the bottled water range had broad general appeal without compromising its unique product differentiation claim.


Silver Award winner, Creativity Annual Awards

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